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In all my travels I have never written about them, so this year I’m going to try something new.

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m the guy known as Walker Caine.  I’m a musician/singer/songwriter currently living in Phoenix, Arizona.  Well, maybe not a very good one, but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. 

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I’m heading out in May on a tour by motorcycle – strap the old guitar on back and go.  Not that this is anything new for me, I do it every year along with volunteer work around the country, but this year is much longer and it has a special meaning for me …

My journey this year will either be the beginning of a new world or it will be the end of Walker Caine.  This is a journey of life.  Of love.  Of lost years which should have been spent in more productive ways.  A final farewell to past lives and an embracing of a future not even I can foresee. 

I tell ya, I didn’t expect to live this long and this old body is beaten and tattered.   My back is broken, I’ve gone through cancer, and I have everyday aches & pains from past injuries that insist on haunting me.  I’ve had all the same problems as everyone else – drugs, alcohol, marriage, you name it.  I’ve been an executive and I’ve been a truck driver.  I’ve raised a couple kids mostly on my own, and I have no money to speak of. 

I’m taking a giant leap of faith this year.  I can’t say that I owe it to myself, but I do know that I have an affect on people … so I am quite certain that I owe it to you.  The volunteer work that I do just isn’t enough.  Time to live up to some things.

I’m not going to talk about the shows I do, that’s up to others.  What I do want to write about are the everyday things.  The day on the road; the people I meet; the places I stop; the thoughts & opinions that strike me while I try to keep my mind occupied.   Wow, I guess I’m talking about keeping a Journal huh?  And I would pick like the most boring part of my life to do it … I guess only I would do that.  It’s actually a scary thought for someone like me – letting people into my life like that.  Oh well.  I’ll try; but this is definitely a first for me.

Beginning the first week of May 2010, check back often & see how it goes.  I will attempt to write something every day or two and publish it whenever I find a decent wifi connection… so you might get 2 or 3 all at once.  And I’ll be taking pictures and videos on the road… while riding.  Hope they turn out.

I appreciate all the people who have stood beside me encouraging me to keep going towards better things, and, yes I even appreciate all the people who felt they had to stand in my way.

No matter what happens, I’ve had a good run.