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Posted: October 18, 2010 in Motorcycle, Music, touring, Uncategorized

I didn’t tell you about my last road trip out did I?  There’s actually not much to tell, it was rather uneventful.  It didn’t rain in Tennessee!  But I got buckets dumped on me in Arkansas.  I’m usually pretty good at avoiding rain, I aim between the clouds.  But if the weather is just plain nasty and dangerous, I tend to find my way right into the middle of it.

First was a detour to Lincoln, NE for Boboo’s induction into the NE Music & Entertainment Hall of Fame.  It was nice.   I bypassed Omaha and headed across Hwy. 2 along the southern border of Iowa.  That was a nice ride, I kinda took my time & just enjoyed it.  In West Virginia I couldn’t remember the helmet law so I pulled over a cop & asked for his license and registration.  Just kidding, he was already pulled over; but I did say that when I walked up to his car 🙂  Helmets are mandatory BTW, good thing he was there because I didn’t have it on.

So I hit the east coast again and then westward.

I got my hitch & wiring on the bike and picked up a trailer in AR.  Something to do while it rained.  The trailer is pretty cool.  Its a lightweight aluminum utility trailer with a canvas camper that bolts onto the top.  The camper folds out to sleep 2 people; pretty roomy & comfortable and keeps you off the ground.  I figure its a good idea for my tours so I don’t have to find a place to pitch a tent before dark or spend money on a hotel at times I really don’t need to.  I like it.

During the winter I can take off the camper and just use it for utility.  I can fit an entire solo setup in it (complete with portable generator for electricity) or I can fit the recording equipment to do remotes.  You’re real limited when just loading up the bike, so I’m tickled about having this thing around.  All right, enough about that thing.

Getting out of AR, I headed across Hwy 380 in Texas aiming for Roswell, NM.  I’m really glad I was able to take that route.  I came across 2 harvest festivals, a blues festival, a car show, and –  Oh yeah, a bike rally outside of Roswell.  I stopped at the dealer in Roswell for supplies to do an oil change but they were just too busy to help me … there was no one else in the place except for a couple guys talking about their long tiring ride from Texas (100 miles maybe, I’m impressed).

This place had vendors in the parking lot, but when I asked, no one seemed to know what was going on.  Huh??  Maybe they were just plain stupid.  I just shook my head & moved on… right through the middle of the rally in those mountains there.  It was kinda cool and the scenery was beautiful; might be worth trying to catch it next year.  Anyway, I ended up pitching camp at the Valley of Fire, which is actually a valley full of lava from the last volcano eruption.  There’s a trail of lava for miles, you cross it up on I-40 too.

So here I sit back in Phoenix wondering what’s next.  I’ve had this social media experiment going on for a couple years and I’m not so sure it works for me.  I watch other musician-types and most don’t interact with people.  They post “buy my stuff” “see my show” and that’s it.  Others interact a lot, pretty much keeping themselves in front of you.  I’m not that consistent but I pay attention to my friends.  From the people I talk to on tours and just observation, I find that most people who are into my type of music either aren’t on the Internet or only get on if they have to.  But I’ve gotten mail from all kinds of people of all ages, so I know there’s a whole lot of folks I’m not reaching.

When I started this project I was just wanting to peddle some songs, I didn’t expect that I’d be pulled back in.  But now, I need to get back the the old ways of doing things – that stuff works for me.  I mean, I’m not going to pay or enter some contest just to get a gig – which is the Internet way of doing things.  I can’t blame them, I’m sure every garage band in the world tries to get in on it and they have to weed through them somehow.  But not this guy; I’m not that hard up 🙂

Maybe I should get involved locally again.  I don’t really want to.  I have zero tolerance for people with inflated ego’s nor do I want to hear how they are working on songs and going into the studio tomorrow – which, by the way, they never do.  Well gee, if they were to help me get songs recorded they would get theirs done too.  I guess they’re doing me a favor actually.  And it’s not just here, that kind of attitude is everywhere; you know, big fish in a small pond kind of thing.  It makes trying to find people to work with really hard.

But I guess showing up at places and re-kindling old acquaintances would be a good thing… yeah, I suppose its always a good thing.  I’m having surgery on my hand Oct. 21 so I’ll definitely need something to do.  I won’t be able to work on songs except for vocals and maybe some piano.  Not necessarily get involved so to speak; been there, done that; but just get out & see what’s new.  Mostly I just get tired of the same places & things all the time, ya know?  I’m not a big phone person either for that matter…

I better end this before I start rambling again.  You guys already think I’m psycho so why help confirm it eh?  Thanks for reading though.


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