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Posted: July 7, 2010 in celebrity, entertainment, travel, Uncategorized


Took a leisurely day trip to Winslow, AZ on Monday.  Lynda wanted to try a road trip, so a run to the mountains turned into a 400 mile cruise.  More than she bargained for I’m sure, but it was a nice ride straight up Hwy 87.  When we got there a group of Swedish-speaking Harley riders with Illinois license plates were gathered in town.  It was my guess that they were following Route 66 from end to end.  Now that would be a ride to talk about!

AaPhoto07051418 APhoto07051357

The way back was interesting.  On some maps there is a Hwy 99 that heads to Hwy 260 by Heber, AZ.  On those maps its portrayed as a finished road… well the first 30 miles or so it was.  A beautiful empty road through the middle of open range.  You felt so far into the middle of nowhere that I started thinking about the bike and what a lousy place it would be to get a flat 🙂  I think we saw 2 cars in the entire stretch.

But it didn’t last – a dirt road appeared without warning and ran all through the forest.  It wasn’t bad as dirt roads go, but the bumps were enough that I had to go so slow it took a couple hours to do that last 25 miles.  We left Phoenix in the 8 am hour and got back in the 9 pm hour – drop an hour for dinner in Payson where a couple, in their 70’s or 80’s, thought I was a celebrity.  I could see in there eyes they were going to think about that for days.  Anyway …

But it was along the Rim and I saw some great places to go camping, and the scenery was beautiful, so it was well worth the exploration.  I know I’ve been there before, but for some reason it all looked new to me.


One thing it did accomplished was putting me back into “road mode”.  My hand is doing well enough that I can get back out and do some more of this tour; but my guitar is sitting in Arkansas waiting for me, but I can also pick up a trailer there once I put a hitch on the bike.  I also have some miscellaneous equipment that KarenLee is holding onto for me.

Ok, off the subject, I do have a question.  Why is it that a pickup truck and trailer of anything makes people feel invincible?  I saw 2 or 3 near accidents happen just because somebody wanted to be first in line.  Doing 80mph on 45mph curves is not always the smartest thing, particularly with a top-heavy vehicle pulling a trailer, ya know?  I found myself hoping they would tip over (but glad they didn’t, it would have been a mess for the rest of us).

Like I tell ya, the road never ends.


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