This might just work…

Posted: July 1, 2010 in celebrity, entertainment, travel, Uncategorized

This fix on my hand seems to be doing the trick, and not a moment too soon – here come the monsoons.

What they did was to pull my thumb out of socket & stuck a needle in with a shot of something or other which is suppose to last up to 6-months.  It won’t, but it should buy me at least 2 or 3.  Talk about painful!  But I’m rough, I’m tough 🙂

The surgery they have to do is a 4-month recovery, not 4-weeks like I thought; so I figure I can hole up for the winter & I’ll be ready for next season – and better organized.  Meanwhile, I’ll be in & out of Arizona for the next couple of months with my standby touring that has kept me in the loop the past couple of years… but I’ll also take a good look at taking advantage of some of the acting & other opportunities I’ve been passing on.  The only outfit I can think of that’s capable of taking care of me properly is William-Morris Agency, but its been a lot of years since I’ve been in touch with them.  Anyone have any other ideas?

Hey, make me an offer I can’t refuse!  I’m game for something new, I’ll even lift my 20+ year boycott on Arizona for a few days if I have to.  Minus a couple articles I’ve just come across, the new press kit is finished and I’m feeling good about it for a change.  I do need to get back to Arkansas before I settle in for the winter and there’s plenty of places in that neighborhood wanting me to show up, so the year won’t be a complete bust.  I also need to line up some charity work to keep me occupied.

Which shifts me into biker mode.  I’ve already put on 9000 miles which is 5-times more than anyone else I know will put on in the entire year.  I should have another 5000 down easy before I’m done.  No where near what the year could have brought, but oh well.  Someone ought to tell Jay Leno that I’ll give him lessons – for a price.  The bike is running beautifully and that cheap-ass (Dunlop) front tire I had to buy has shocked the hell out of my service guys – it should be ready to be replaced but it barely looks touched.  Shows how much weight I’ve been carrying on the back.  But they have a special category for me called “things we’ve never seen before”.  In my opinion those bike makers that passed on sponsorship really screwed up.

For those of you who haven’t kept track of me the past few years I’ll bring you up to speed;  I don’t have tattoos (don’t understand the appeal), I dress the same every day as I do on stage (you can imagine the looks I get), I haven’t had anything to do with bike “clubs” since I was a teenager (seems like a hassle), and I don’t have any tolerance or respect for anyone who sticks their nose in the air… they will never see what I have.

Sounding full of myself? :)  Yeah, well, I’m tired of the bullshit; I don’t need it and finally letting it go was what I needed to do to move on.  On the other hand, I’m a blonde musician on drugs.  Hell, my IQ dropped 20 points just typing that.  Settle down, they’re prescriptions, I have a messed-up back, remember? 

The support you folks have shown me the past few weeks have given me a boost like never before.  You’ve been patiently following the ups & downs of an old fart on a mission and have read things I’ve been embarrassed to tell… as you’ve seen from the deletions.

You haven’t let me down and I won’t let you down … I know that Everything is possible.


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