…and then what?

Posted: June 17, 2010 in celebrity, entertainment, travel, Uncategorized

I made back into Phoenix; albeit it was the toughest part of the entire trip.  It just seems like forever going in & out of the desert.


The Ozarks are beautiful.  If you’re a biker-type with a few days on your hands, I highly recommend a visit.  But I had a shot through tornado alley between two storms headed for each other … so I took it.

Heading out of Arkansas through Oklahoma was a nice ride.  All of OK was overcast and the air was perfect.. although OKC seriously needs some road work in spots.  I’ve been kinda paying attention to that … so far the worse City roads are in Omaha.  The worse Interstate roads are Ohio, Indiana, and New Mexico – in that order.  Oklahoma wasn’t exactly a joy either.  The worse Highway roads belong to… no one.  They were all as good or better than you would expect.  Now the best City roads was the Wilmington area – I didn’t venture into very many major cities.  The best Interstates were Virginia and Tennessee.  The best Highways were Pennsylvania, Maryland, Arkansas, and maybe New Mexico.

The stupidest interchange was in Baltimore at I-695 to I-95.  What are you people thinking bringing all that traffic into one lane??  Road construction was scattered along the trail, but it wasn’t a hassle at all; in fact everywhere they were kind enough to post signs specifically for bikers warning of grooved pavement, rough road, and fresh oil.  Well, until I got to Arizona… they seem to think a sharp pavement edge & slick oil is a nice trick to play.

I’m rambling now aren’t I … 

Ok, I landed in a little spot called Clinton, OK.  Looked like a nice place.  I ran into a young kid who had his finger on the pulse of every small town west of Oklahoma City.  Very much an up & coming promoter type which he claimed he wasn’t, so I encouraged him that he should be :)  I learned more about what was going on in the Oklahoma entertainment world from him in 30-minutes than all the contacts & internet searches combined.  He even told me where I was supposed to play next month.  Anyway, apparently Elvis Presley had a jones for this place and “owned” a room in one of the local hotels – which to this day will not allow anyone else to stay in.  I thought that was a cool little piece of trivia.

The next morning was fog and a nice ride it was too.  Right about Texas it ended – because the winds were blowing it away.  Let me tell ya, that ride through New Mexico was a killer.  Some places the winds & gusts were so bad I had to putter along at 40 just to keep my center of gravity; I swear those wheels left the pavement with one of the gusts.  It took me all flippin day to get through there, But… Ft. Sumner is having their western days :)  It’s a nice little town, been through there many times.  Official home of Billy the Kid’s grave.  Some pretty women in that town too.  Oh, and there was another place, I can’t remember, every time I turned around there was some knockout walking by, I couldn’t believe it.  Yeah, yeah.  Hey, I’m I guy, you’d have to be dead not to notice sometimes.

I stopped in Magdalena for the night; I wanted to keep going but the wind was getting worse.  It might not have been so bad but there was a bit of traffic along that stretch and a slow motorcycle on a very dark highway could get hit.  If not for the wind I bet I could have done that Iron Butt ride pretty easily, I had enough on my mind to keep me occupied for hours.  Besides, US60 in Arizona is a really nice ride for the most part, especially Show Low to Superior.  Best seen in daylight.

Looking at this, I’m really not saying anything am I … and trying real hard not to talk about ‘now’.  Looks like something out of a travel guide. LOL

I haven’t cancelled “everything”, yet.  If I can get my act together I might still get back out on the road.  Out in the eastern States my back was feeling better but my hand & arm were a problem; here my hand’s not so bad but my back is giving me pain.  Go figure.  And I’m getting to spend some time with Alyssa while the little one is at Girl Scout Camp.  We used to do everything together, but with college & all I don’t see much of her.  

Such a drag.  What’s that they say about the best laid plans?  It’ll work out, it always does one way or another, it’s just that I hate it when things get screwed up. 

Maybe I need to stick to a band so all I have to do is stumble around & sing :)   I think about dropping out again, but my alter-ego just got nominated for some award.  As any recluse will tell you, nomination ain’t winning.  Let me know how it turns out.

Our adventure may not be over yet folks, just detoured for a bit.





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